About Toto Sugiarto

photo of Toto

My paintings are my exploration of the social,

cultural and environmental climate around me.


As a fine artist and 3D computer artist, I enjoy using many mediums, intertwining my skills to create meaningful and exciting art.


I grew up in the port town of Cilacap in Central Java, Indonesia and graduated from the Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Twin Cities has been my home since the late 90's.


Fine art and 3D art are both passions of mine. Along with being a 3D artist, I have participated in over 40 fine art exhibitions, including several solo and two-man shows. My work is in private collections in France, Denmark, The United States of America, and Indonesia.


I honed most of my 3D skills as a 3D Artist for Destineer Studios and Atomic Games. I created rich game environments and props amid the challenging "low-poly" constraint of the video game world.